Commercial Fruit and Cheese Cutting Machines

At DOMA, we develop and manufacture machines that make fruit and cheese cutting fast, safe and easy. You’ll also find DOMA machines to meet all your grating, mixing and packaging needs.


DOMA cheese cutting machines are the fast, safe and convenient way to turn cheese wheels into ready-to-sell pieces.


Easily achieve either a fine or course texture with a DOMA cheese grating machine; the perfect way to save time and prevent waste.


These durable, high-quality DOMA cheese mixing machines offer a no-mess, no-hassle way to mix delicious cream cheese.


DOMA fruit cutting machines offer a safe way to cut large and awkward fruits like melons into mouth-watering serving-sized pieces.


Perfect for cheese, fruits and meats, DOMA food packaging machines will add efficiency to your customer service or production processes.

Over 40 Years’ Experience!

DOMA GmbH is a leading manufacturer of fruit cutting machines, cheese cutting machines, as well as a range of grating, mixing, and food packaging machines. Our products are perfectly suited to commercial uses and our customer base consists of supermarkets, independent retailers, farmers’ markets, delis and restaurants, to name but a few.

As a family-owned company, we’ve been trading since 1974, giving us well over 40 years’ experience in our sector. Throughout that time, we’ve never lost focus on what matters most – producing the highest possible grade of products for our customers all around the world.

Our expertise has allowed to develop a product line of individual, compact machines, which can be purchased singly or in volume. We can also produce fully customised systems, to suit our customers’ individual needs.

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