Melon cutting machine
model MELOma-T

Fast | Fresh | Safe

Fruit cutting machine model MELOma-T

  • for cutting of whole melons and pineapples into convenient, consumer-sized pieces without loss
  • pieces for self-service and service counter
  • easy and safe operation via pushbuttons
  • powerful drive
  • special peeling attachment for pineapples with removal of the stalk available
  • smooth cutting without “crushing” the fruits
  • easy collection of the pieces – no obstructing cover
  • easy disassembly of the contact surfaces for simple and hygienic cleaning
  • special “shark tooth” knives with surface treatment to prevent sticking
  • 3 knife sets for different division of the fruits available
  • fast and safe conversion of the different knives
  • CE certificated
  • system stand with packaging machine and presentation tray for optimal presentation available
  • fully bespoke handmade knives available

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