O’zapft is! - Delicacies for the Oktoberfest

Mix up to 5 kg of homemade Obazda or different types of cream cheese in just 2 minutes!


O’zapft is! – Soon the annual Oktoberfest, also called “Wiesn”, takes place. Just like the beer, the pretzels and the Bavarian cheese specialty – the Obazda – are also part of it! And here you have the opportunity to expand your offer profitably without much effort!

With the DOMA-FKR – you get homemade Obazda or any cream cheese variant in just 2 minutes, thanks to the specially developed stirring tool for cheese masses that are difficult to process.

The DOMA-FKR cream cheese mixing machine consists of food-grade materials only. It is equipped with a strong chain drive with a robust motor.

The removable solid stainless steel kettle is rustproof and dishwasher safe. The mixing tool and bowl rotate at different speeds at the same time, so that even small quantities are well mixed.

Due to the small space requirement, the FKR fits in every cheese department. Let this German quality product convince you too.